“I couldn’t let her run unopposed again.”

—Paddy Sizemore
Paddy Sizemore

If you learned how to walk and say your first words in a trailer, we have something in common.

If your Christmas list represented your dreams, but not your reality, we have something in common.

If you remember that feeling the first time you got a name-brand outfit for picture day, then wore it every Monday for the rest of the year, we have something in common.

You may know what it’s like going from the trailer, to the octoplex apartment where your tricycle gets stolen, to the townhouse by the airport, to renting your first little home with four walls to yourself – a home you can only afford because you live on the other side of town.

So, so many of us have similar memories. Similar stories. These real American stories are our stories. These are stories of hope, not wealth. These are stories of progress in spite of it all.

And as for me, well, now you know a little bit more about my story.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope to earn your vote.

There are only two candidates for Tennessee State Representative in District 40:

Paddy Sizemore (Independent)



Paddy is the only candidate standing between incumbent Terri Lynn Weaver and her 7th term in office as TN State Representative for District 40.

“She’s supposed to be a leader, and this is what we have in the Legislature. I think this is one of the worst. I think this is as low as you can stoop.” – Thelma Harper (former TN State Senator) on incumbent Terri Lynn Weaver

(DeKalb, Smith, Sumner, Trousdale)


Hard-working Tennesseans either make too much or too little to qualify for quality healthcare – I must convince them to close this healthcare gap.

Families have to decide between spending time with their newborn babies and losing their income. Mommas in Tennessee deserve paid maternity leave. I must convince them to provide paid family leave.

I made 9 bucks an hour working at a lumber yard in 2007. Anybody who works 40 hours a week in TN should be able to pay their bills.

It’s just a plant. We should Legalize It.

Can you make a contribution to my campaign? Running for office requires an obscene amount of money, and I don’t have a super PAC or political party supporting this campaign. I am running as an independent, pulling what I can out of my own pocket.

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